Who we are

We are the first organization in Latin America specialized in the interregional development of blockchain and AI technology within economies, at federal, state, and local levels.

Our objective is to promote and undertake a variety of technological and business projects to accelerate the digital adoption within regional economic systems in order to generate growth and have them gain access to the myriad of benefits that blockchain and AI offer.



We created an organization with a decentralized financial ecosystem, the nucleus of which is composed of four autonomous pillars that interact with each other to bring symbiotic economic balance to the firm.

Part of our focus is on interlacing various types of projects together, and developing them in tandem to have fundamental and sustained long-term growth within our ecosystem.



A business accelerator that seeks to help organizations migrate their value and chain operations towards those that are based on blockchain technology systems, partly done in order to determine token growth and long-term business sustainability.



The ALTEUM ALPHA FUND, a financial organization run by our team of analysts and experts that specialize in digital trading, crypto-investments, and funding new ventures.



An autonomous blockchain operator whose main function is to operate, market products, and develop partnership with specific businesses to incorporate services related to blockchain technology. Models such as Alteum Energy, Alteum Health, Alteum Financial Services, Alteum Real Estate, and Alteum Commodities (among others), will be developed through this pillar.



AlteumX, a peer-to-peer exchange market, where AUM tokens and other cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for fixed assets, such as ALTEUM COMMODITIES or ALTEUM REAL ESTATE, and a variety of FIAT currency options.

token aum

The AUM token is the ALTEUMX Exchange currency that provides the best rates and access to a variety of services in Alteum: discounted trading rates, being eligible to apply for loans, ability to trade on margin, premium access to the Alpha Fund investments, commodity acess, real estate investments, automatic swaps with Altcoins, and many others.

In addition, dividends will be paid in Ether (ETH) to all token owners who have saved AUMs in their portfolios prior to each payment period.


Tokens sold  34,096,196 of 37,500,000